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Respond to classmates. There are 2 responses that need feedback. 100-150 words due 25 Sept by 4pm cst The twelve hour s

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Respond to classmates. There are 2 responses that need feedback. 100-150 words due 25 Sept by 4pm cst The twelve hour shift schedule is common in a large majority of hospitals in the United States. In an article for Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, author Aveyard reviews the effects of a twelve hour shift on nurses, specifically ICU nurses (Aveyard, 2016). Aveyard discusses how 12 hour shifts can negatively effect a nurses “circadian rhythms, altered activity-rest patterns, increased stress levels, and creating issues with social and domestic life”(Aveyard, 2016, Pg. 34). In the same article the author notes that humans are meant to be awake during the day and sleep at night(Aveyard, 2016, Pg 34). However as patient care is required 24 hours a day keeping to a typical sleep schedule is impossible. While 12 hour shifts do have their negative points they reduce the amount of staff required to work in a 24 hour period. With the current nursing shortage this is a requirement. It also allows nurses to have more extended periods of time available for their home life, allowing them to maintain a home/work life balance.2. My intention is to work in the Pediactric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). In the PICU you will deal with a variety of patients ranging from newborn to twenty one. When dealing with the pediatric population you will focus on teaching not only for the parent but also for the patient. Children and adolescents like to be involved in care, told what is going on and what is going to happen. There are several different ways that technology can be used to teach patients about assessments, disorders, tests and treatments. Nurses use technology as both a distraction and a teaching method. The younger population becomes more engaged when they are learning through technology I believe that through the use of technology (tablets, tv, phones) patients become more interested and involved in care. For example Smart-phones memory had stored knowledge and images about all diseases and prognosis by these images can illustrate by enlarge them on the screen without dilapidation these pictures, so some nurses consider smartphones as an effective educational resource method and depend on them in patients’ education. Toddlers, school aged children and teenagers start using technology very early. They learn to navigate phones and tablets very easily making them more adequate to use technology such as cellphones and tablets to learn.