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  Question 1Case Study 6.1: Columbus InstrumentsThis case is based on a true story of a once-successful organization tha

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  Question 1Case Study 6.1: Columbus InstrumentsThis case is based on a true story of a once-successful organization that had allowed its project management practices to degenerate to the point where assignment to a project team was often a mark of disfavor and a sign of pending termination.  The case involves issues of motivation, structural effects on projects, and project team staffing.  It offers students an opportunity to see how, if left unchecked, certain behaviors by department heads and others in the organization can work counter to the desires to use project teams to improve organizational profitability and instead make them a dumping ground for malcontents and poor performers.Questions1. What are the implications of CIC’s approach to staffing project teams?  Is the company using project teams as training grounds for talented fast-trackers, or as dumping grounds for poor performers?2. How would you advise the CEO to correct the problem?  Where would you start?3. Discuss how issues of organizational structure and power played a role in the manner in which project management declined in effectiveness at CIC.Need a 1.5 pages APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 21. Describe a decision a company has made when facing uncertainty. Compute the expected costs and benefits of the decision. Offer advice on how to proceed. Compute the profit consequences of the advice  2. Identify something you buy or sell that could be bought or sold using an auction. How would you run the auction? Do a benefit-cost analysis of the auction relative to how you currently buy or sell. Need a 1.5 pages APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 3Discuss some of the errors in perceptual judgment made by interviewers in job interviews.Need a 1.5 pages APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 4In the second milestone writing assignment, you will analyze asymmetric and symmetric encryption.  Evaluate the differences between the two of them and which one that you would determine is the most secure. Need  2 page APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 5Practical Connection assignment1. Course: Information Governance, Role: Pentaho ETL/OBIEE Developer, NYS Office of Information Technology Services, NY.2. Course: Information Governance, Role: Software Test Engineer for New York State (Department of Labor).Need  1.5 page APA format paper of 2 different papers. Total 3 pages. No Plagiarism.Question 6Go online and search for information about companies that have been harmed or bankrupted by a disaster. Choose one such company and create a brief case study about it. Successful narratives will focus on the manner in which the organization was impacted, including financial losses, losses of sales, or the need for layoffs. Your assignment should be 3-4 paragraphs in length.Need a 1 page APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 7Group ObservationThe purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to observe a community meeting or any organizational group in action to determine effective structure and dynamics, as well as make noteworthy recommendations. If you are unable to attend a meeting in person, feel free to watch a meeting online.Discuss any meeting “sins” that you may have noticed as you observed. Note any other areas you may have observed.  For example, was there a goal to the meeting? Was an agenda presented? How was the meeting managed? Was the leader effective or ineffective? Explain. Was participation among the members equalized or one-sided? Were there quiet or dominating members in the group? Was conflict managed appropriately (if conflict was present)? Any distracting nonverbal communication? Was creative or critical thinking encouraged? Recommendations at the end of the paper are required.Need 2 pages APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 8Research Paper: COSO FrameworkThe COSO framework of internal controls is practiced within companies around the world. The objectives of the COSO framework are closely related to its five components. For this week’s activity, please discuss these five components of the COSO framework. Be sure to include each components’ impact on each of the COSO framework objectives. What do you feel an auditor would most be concerned with during an IT audit? Lastly, discuss suggestions for integrating COSO framework compliance into a company in which you are familiar.Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.Need 3 pages APA format of 2 different answer papers for above question. Total 6 pages. No plagiarism.Question 9 Each student will conduct a search on online Library resources to find 2-3 recent peer reviewed articles (within the past 3 years) that closely relate to Impact of Mobile Computing on Businesses. Your submission must include the following information in the following format:ANALYSIS: Using 750-1200 words, write a brief analysis, in your own words of how the article relates to the selected chapters. An analysis is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.Need  2 page APA format paper. No Plagiarism.Question 11 The  CEO wants to understand when the company should use a conventional  flexible budget or activity-based flexible budget. As the company’s cost  accountant, compare and contrast conventional and activity-based  flexible budget for the CEO’s edification.   Need  1 page APA format paper. No Plagiarism. Question 12 After reading the chapter section and the online article/mini lecture on Groupthink, use periodicals and other accounts of policy or decision making to investigate a major governmental or business decision that may have been the result of Groupthink. Post a link to the article online or attach it to your message. Try to use a different example than classmates who may have posted before you.In the body of your post, offer a summary of the decision-making process and the implications of the decision.   Need  1 page APA format paper. No Plagiarism.