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Reply to the following discussion:The health care organization is the first of the three key players.  The organization

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Reply to the following discussion:The health care organization is the first of the three key players.  The organization sees to the needs of the all involved to include the needs of the organization itself, the care teams, and the patients.  As the needs for all three key players are intertwined and having them met directly effects the performance of the organization as well as the care teams.  When the organization runs smoothly, operational effectiveness is assured.  “From the health care organization perspective, measures related to the effective and efficient use of its valuable and scarce resources are critical to assessing performance” (Cowing, Daviono-Ramaya, Ramaya, & Szmerekosky, 2009).  Without the integrity of the organization the needs for the care teams as well as the patients could not be met.  The organization must ensure continuity of care and ensure the care teams are in a position with equipment and a knowledgeable staff base to provide quality care to the patients.  The organization must also ensure all policies are followed that the path to success can be traveled without fear of organizational failure.     The importance of the clinician or the care teams lie in that they are the support for the organization It is primarily through the likes of them health care delivery for the patients is achieved.  Their ability to deliver health care to patients efficiently and in a manner that is pleasing reflects positively on themselves as well as the organization as a whole.  It is important that physicians and care teams do the right thing to assist in the assurance of longevity of the operation of the organization.  An organization is only as good as its people.  The final key player is the patient.  They are the consumer force that drives the need for the organization and the care teams in the first place.  Without the needs of the patient, health care organizations and care teams would be unnecessary.   It is extremely important that patients also have integrity in receiving health care.  They can do this by being honest about the quality of care they receive.  The health insurance companies focus on quality of care which helps foster a better relationship between the organizations and the insurance companies.  It encourages the insurance company to list the organization as a covered entity or care team. Cowing, M., Davino-Ramaya, C. M., Ramaya, K., & Szmerekovsky, J. (2009). Health care delivery performance: service, outcomes, and resource stewardship. The Permanente Journal, 13(4), 72–78. Retrieved from 250-275 words, APA format, scholarly source