Criminal justice juvenile

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Part 1A.    Compile a list of six (6) words that come to mind when you hear the word “CRIME”. Post your list on the “dis

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Part 1A.    Compile a list of six (6) words that come to mind when you hear the word “CRIME”. Post your list on the “discussion board” and compare your response to those of fellow students. Be prepared to discuss broad deviations. Your instructor will review participation.            Define “The Code of Hammurabi.” Hint: On your search engine of choice, type in        the word “Hammurabi.” Find a definition that you believe you and fellow students can understand. Post it on the “discussion board” and invite fellow students to discuss any differences.             Select the Legal Dictionary website and read the definition for “substantive criminal law”. Look at other legal terms from this site, select two and post them to the “discussion board”.Read the postings of your classmates. Respond to at least 2 of your classmates postings. Do you agree? Disagree? Why?Select the link above to answer this discussion.B.    Discuss the main methodologies of collecting crime data.Is it really just big government attempting to make itself look good to taxpayers? How can the criminal justice system make use of the data in reducing crime, improving law enforcement performance, or assisting crime victims?Media reporting has an impact on victims and may contribute to their victimization and suffering. Discuss the impact of the media’s crime coverage of victims, share your view if media reporting can have positive impact for victims as well as negative.Part 2Complete these short essay questions for homework1.      Compare and contrast the Pennsylvania prison model with the Auburn Silent System.2.      Discuss at least three major challenges affecting the ability of corrections to function.Discuss consecutive and concurrent sentences and give an example of each.Discuss good time and how it can affect an offender’s sentence. How can it help an offender?5.What are three ideas discussed in the text that can improve the effectiveness of probation?6.Discuss probation revocation and the four cases where the Supreme Court provided procedural safeguards to apply at proceedings to revoke probation.7.Provide a critique of boot camps as an alternative sanction.8.Identify the elements of drug courts and their effectiveness. Part 3Complete a one to two page essay paper addressing the following questions:1.      Describe the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.2.      Explain what a waiver to adult court is.3.      Describe deciding factors in waiving a juvenile to adult court.Describe the differences between juvenile community corrections and institutional corrections.Identify and explain the variations in juvenile probation.Describe what boot camps are designed to do.