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Project: Final Project—Week 3 MilestoneFor your Final Project, due in Week 5, you will pick one of the three pillars of

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Project: Final Project—Week 3 MilestoneFor your Final Project, due in Week 5, you will pick one of the three pillars of analysis and complete a research paper on how that pillar can help us understand a religious tradition of your choosing in the context of our globalized culture. Your research paper will be the culmination of smaller projects you will work on in each week of the course. As you work through these small milestones, you will be asked to consider and respond to questions such as: What elements of your chosen tradition or pillar of analysis are most important? How has this pillar changed over time? How does this pillar relate to some of the key themes we’ll look at throughout the course?To help you prepare for your Final Project, throughout the course you will be asked to complete sections of the Final Project Worksheet. You will return to the worksheet during various Discussions and other activities as you progress through the course. By the end of Week 4, you will have a complete worksheet, which will be a solid foundation for the development of your final research paper that is due in Week 5.By Day 5 Retrieve the Final Project Worksheet from your Instructor. Select the pillar of analysis on which you will focus. Identify the pillar of analysis in the worksheet. In the worksheet, write a paragraph explaining why you chose this pillar of analysis. Submit your worksheet with the Week 3 sections completed.(You will receive your worksheet back from your Instructor so you can complete subsequent sections in the weeks ahead.)Submission and Grading InformationTo submit your completed Project for review and grading, do the following: Please save your Project using the naming convention “WK3Proj+last name+first initial.(extension)” as the name. Click the Weeks 2, 3, 4 Project Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Project. Click the Week 3 Project link. Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as “WK3Proj+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open. If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database. Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.Grading CriteriaTo access your rubric:Weeks 2, 3, 4 Project RubricCheck Your Project Draft for AuthenticityTo check your Project draft for authenticity:Submit your Week 3 Project draft and review the originality report.Submit Your Project by Day 5To submit your Project:Week 3 ProjectWeek in ReviewThis week you analyzed religious authority and power and how it shapes religious institutions and influences culture. You also selected a pillar of analysis within the context of our globalized culture. Next week you will explore religious ethics in the form of karma and dharma as it relates to your personal experiences.To go to the next week:Week 4